Content Days & Workshops

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Styled Shoots

In July 2021 I held a photo shoot and invited some ladies that I know to come model for me. I called it the Empowerment Shoot. The ladies were allowed to wear what felt most comfortable and beautiful to them, each person got an hour long session and multiple outfit changes, and at the end they took home a collection of images from the two locations. It was intended to bring a group of amazing women together and remind them how beautiful they are. The day long shoot also helped me build my portfolio and work on my detail Light Room skills. Well I loved it so much, that I want to keep doing them! I also want to support local businesses. I will be teaming up with local shops, boutiques, ranches, farms, photographers, and other small businesses to curate content shoots and help promote them. If you are wanting to collaborate, please do not hesitate to reach out!

This is where I will be announcing dates for up coming content days & workshops. Each content day will be different. Sometimes I will have opening for models to sign up and sometimes it will be open for just photographers. I want to focus on helping other photographers build their portfolio, gain a community of like-minded photographers, and further their education through mentorship and experience.

Western Wedding Content Day & Workshop ~ Burnt Lake Edition

If you are a photographer looking to build your portfolio with western wedding & engagement images, this is a great opportunity to capture couples in a rural setting, a full mock wedding day and bridal portraits. As well we will have a flat lay workshop & vendor networking!
14 spots available.
Investment: $900 Initial Payment: $450
Hosting Photographers: Full Hardt Photography & C.E.Johanson Photography
Located at Burnt Lake Trail, Red Deer County
For more details, please inquire or sign up here!